Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Oldest person alive...!!!

I've read in bible that people lived over 500 1000 years but I now witness most of them book their coffins at early 60's & 70 's. The lady on the pic is the oldest person alive celebrating  her 130th bday. Anywaz I do not wish to live this long, a milestone actually but what matter's are those special moments, those uttermost experience,the love of my life... So how long do you wish to live ???? 


  1. If i could, i wouldn't mind living 500 or 1000 years. i would try to experience every single human action. every 10 years i would study a new profession and work on it. having time, i would see every corner of the world. i would probably witness the birth of the first artificial intelligence, the first steps into space colonization and all the changes humanity would go through :)

    1. Well that's really cool..... Inspiring too...

  2. That's a nice picture and info. Birthday wishes to her. If I have to say about my wish on life.....I wish I should live with my hubby till my end:)


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